Master’s thesis: Sport managers’ perceptions regarding what makes successful volunteer information management software

Managing, rewarding and motivating volunteersStockholm_University_logo.svg differ from workers that are getting paid. This study will view the management aspect of the volunteer workers. The main factors are the resources available in the sport organisation. This study investigates and compares sport people’s perceptions regarding what makes successful volunteer information management software.

Objective of the study is to investigate the need for information management system and their usage in the sport organisations. Moreover, this study explores new ways of using information systems when managing volunteers. Furthermore, this study presents the advantages of information systems used in volunteer managing. Also the challenges faced by sport managers are discussed.

The theoretical framework is based on the literature about volunteering, management of sport volunteers, sport management, information management tools and also section for management theory is included. The data was collected by conducting two interviews for sport managers, using theory material, executing a survey for volunteers and operating two participant observations on the field in two large sport events.

This study used different methods for data collection. Firstly participant observation in two events was conducted, and then interviews and questionnaire took place. Interviews were held in order to get wider knowledge about the information systems used in the organisations, and therefore two sport managers from different field were interviewed.

Questionnaire for volunteers was conducted in order to find out the volunteers point of view. The findings of this study shows that there are advantages when using volunteer information management software in sport events. Using information systems helps reducing workload and can increase the amount of volunteers in an event. The challenges are that there is not enough interest towards the information systems and not enough knowledge of different information systems. This project suggests solution for the sport managers working with volunteers.


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Volunteer information management software, sport management, information
systems, management tools